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So you Love basketball, or Lets say you like a person who’s into Basketball? Well, you’re smart that you’re already here searching for the best words to impress or make your favorite person laugh with our pick up lines related to Basketball.

We have carefully crafted these best basketball pick up lines, which are sporty creative and definitely will make a person more relate with you. You can also use these pick up lines to break the ice regarding your interest in them and start off a beautiful conversation.

You will be a superstar for sure, with these funny, loving and cute basketball pick lines.

Basketball Pick Up Lines For Him

You must play defense because you definitely stole my heart

Hey, are you a three-pointer? Because you’ve got ‘game’ written all over you.

If you were a basketball, I’d never pass because I want to keep you all to myself.

Is your name Shaq? Because you’ve got the ‘O’ in ‘my zone.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by the court again?

Are you a slam dunk? Because every time I see you, my heart takes a leap

Basketball is very popular, but you are my top priority in this life. Will you be mine, baby?

I must be a shooting guard because I can’t stop ‘shooting’ glances your way.

Let’s be like a well-coached team and huddle up. I’m game if you are.

Is your name LeBron? Because you’re the King of my heart

If you were a basketball, I’d never pass you up

Want to play a little one-on-one with my heart? You can be the MVP

Basketball Pick Up Lines (dirty)

Are you a basketball hoop? Because I want to slam-dunk into your life.

Is your court open for some ‘overtime’? I promise, it’ll be worth it

Hey, are you the ‘fast break’? Because I can’t wait to score with you.

Hey girl, Monta Ellis must be jealous. Because you truly, have it all.

Do you like it ‘man-to-man’ or ‘zone’? Either way, I’m ready to guard your heart.

I may be a basketball player, but I’ll never play with your heart

I’m desperate for your love. Baby, please don’t play zone defense on me

Is your name ‘Travel Violation’? Because I can’t resist breaking the rules with you

Are you a free throw? Because I’d love to get you alone in my ‘personal space

Hey, are you a referee? Because I’d love for you to blow your whistle on me

Is your name ‘Full-Court Press’? Because I’m ready for some intense, one-on-one action

Do you believe in ‘zone defense’? Because I’d love to explore every inch of your territory.

Basketball Pickup Lines Reddit

Is your name ‘LeBron’? Because you’re always a slam dunk in my heart

Are you a basketball? Because you’re the only one I want to ‘rebound’ with.”

Do you like basketball? Because when I look at you, my ‘court’ is in session

Are you a point guard? Because you’ve already ‘assisted’ your way into my heart

Are you a three-pointer? Because with you, every shot is worth it

Is your name ‘Kobe’? Because I can’t miss the chance to score with you

Are you a basketball coach? Because I’m ready to learn all your winning moves

Do you believe in rebounds? Because when it comes to you, I’m always up for a second chance

Are you the NBA Finals? Because being with you is the ultimate goal

Is your heart the basketball? Because I want to be the one to dribble it

Basketball Pick Up Lines Clean

Do you play basketball? Because you’re a real slam-dunk in my book.

Is your name ‘Cinderella’? Because you make this court feel like a ballroom.

I must be in a full-court press because I can’t stop pursuing you.

Let’s be like a well-coached team and huddle up. I’m ready to make some plays

Do you believe in love at first game, or should we play another round?

Is your court open for some one-on-one time? I promise to bring my A-game.

Pick up lines are funny and creative way to start the conversation, be sure to do not sound like creepy and needy. Make it a strong point from your side, all that matters is your unique personality and charm that you have. Go ahead and apply these basketball pick up lines and impress your crush 😉 Cheers

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