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Hey there Gamer, you’re here because you’re the cool gamer and you want to impress your gamer friend or crush who’s familiar with Genshin impact.

We got you covered with the heart winning creative Genshin impact pick up lines to win them.

Lets jump in to discover some of the best genshin impact pickup lines.

Cute Heart Winning Genshin Pick Up Lines

Are you Genshin? Cause you keep me awake at night!

Are you Eula? Cuz I love your terms of service.

Ganyu this, Ganyu that. GAN YU be mine instead?

Are you an Anemo Traveler? Because you’ve blown me away with your charm

Are you Itto? Cuz I oni have eyes for you!

Are you a Vision? Because you’ve ignited a spark in my heart.

Are you Eula? Cuz I love your terms of service

Cheesy Genshin Pick Up Lines

Dendro character, my heart you stir.

Xingqiu’s rain, you’ve washed away my pain

Are you electro? Cause you just shocked me with your beauty

Are you a primogem? Cos I can’t get enough of ya

Ay girl, you teleported right into my heart <3

Barbara’s voice, my soul’s rejoice.

Bennett’s luck, you’ve struck, my heart unstuck.

Do you have an Anemo vision? Cause you blew me away

Are you Resin? Cause I can’t get enough of you 😉

Are you a Pyro user? Cuz it sure got hot in here 

Funny Genshin Pick Up Lines

Are you a Geo Traveler? Because you’ve made my heart rock solid for you.

Hey beautiful, you got zero resistance nor immunity to the weapon in my pants.

Are you a Venti main? Because you’ve blown me away with your amazing skills… and your wind power.

Babe, you are my final quest.

Girl, are you Osmanthus wine? Cause I can’t wait to share the memories of your taste.

Are you a Cryo user? Cause I’m down to some Coldplay girl 😉

Is your name Sucrose? Because being around you creates a sweet and bubbly chemistry

Are you a Qiqi enthusiast? Because spending time with you makes me feel alive, just like her.

Is your name Zhongli? Because you’ve turned my heart into a priceless artifact

Are you a Childe main? Because you’ve hit me right in the feels with your charm and unpredictability.

So, What is this Genshin Impact Pick Up lines (For Newbies)

Hello Newbies, Genshin Impact was the first game to generate 0.5 billion dollars in revenue within just 2 month of its launch.

Now that it has caught your attention, lets know what is this all about, well its a open-world online game which involves adventure.

It has multitude of characters and lots of customization making it a unique among the other competitors, and engages the user much more deeply. Multiplayer options , interesting timeline of story and involvement of user made it a huge success than Pokemon Go!


Well, To put in a nutshell, you got the best of Genshin pickup lines which help you to shine among your gamer crush 😛 Cheers!

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