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lawyer pickup lines, Whether you’re a lawyer or anyother profession, some of the best wordings at the right time can impress the person you wanna be with or your crush.

I have listed here some of the best lawyer pickup lines which will help you to get the most of it, or add an edge to your Power of attorney journey 😉

10 Best Lawyer pick up lines

1. Are you a lawyer? Because you’ve made a compelling case for stealing my heart.

2. Is your name Objection? Because every time I look at you, all my other thoughts sustain a sustained objection

3. Are you a legal document? Because without you, my life feels like a notarized void.

4. I must be under oath, because when I see you, my heart pleads guilty to loving you

5. Do you have a legal background? Because being with you would be a solid defense against loneliness

6. Are you a brief? Because you’ve given my heart the perfect opening statement.

7. Is your name Lexie? Because you’re the law I want to be governed by

8. Are you a court reporter? Because every time I see you, the only words I can think of are ‘stunning’ and ‘overruled.’

9. “If loving you is a crime, I’d gladly serve a life sentence.”

10. You must be a legal expert because you’ve got me pleading for your affection.

10 cheesy lawyer pick up lines

1. Are you a tort? Because you’ve inflicted some serious damages on my heart

2. If I were a judge, I’d sentence you to a lifetime of love and happiness with me.

3. Are you a legal brief? Because you’ve got me submitting to your charms

4. Is your name Miranda? Because you’ve invoked my right to remain head over heels for you

5. I must be in contempt of court, because every time I see you, I’m speechless

6. Is your father a lawyer? Because you must have inherited the laws of attraction

7. If you were a contract, I’d willingly sign up for a lifetime commitment with you

8. Are you a legal precedent? Because you’ve set the standard for beauty and grace.

9. Do you believe in love at first argument? Because I’m ready to present my case for why we belong together.

10. Is your name Exhibit A? Because you’re the most compelling evidence that love exists.

5 All time favorite Lawyer pickup lines

1. You must be an outstanding law student because you’ve successfully overruled my heart’s objections and won my affection

2. Is your legal research as thorough as your beauty? Because you’ve cited all the right sources and won the case for my love

3. Are you a constitutional law class? Because being with you feels like an unalienable right, and I’ll fight for it passionately.

4. If I were a law textbook, you’d be the highlight of my pages, the bookmark in my life, and the footnotes to my happiness.

5. You must have a photographic memory because every time I see you, you leave an indelible impression on my heart and mind.

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